Top tips for germinating seeds
Charles Dowding is the no-dig legend

The food and compost group revolves around the fact that food is an essential for all of us. The production of our own food will not only provide for our area but also reduce air miles, discover stonger community and reconnect us to the land we sometimes feel so distant from. We hope to teach people about composting and growing to show that it can be easy and for all with the right know how! 

Progress : we are currently aiming to gain access to a few areas that we can begin to gorilla garden to create food for everyone.

We had a great day at our first Hot Compost workshop! Had a great time clearing the area an putting this together! Couldn’t have done it without you all!!  Of course a huge thanks to Richi for teaching us all about compost and making this possible!

Compost bays at Llanfyllin allotments
Community gardens have so much to offer

More to come soon…