Cymru Ein Dyfodol – Our Future Wales

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I think this really matters, it is essential for Wales as a nation as it puts us on the leading edge of positive change. Evaluating all new development through the perspective of the Well Being of Future Generations Act creates an essential lens that can steer policy in the right direction. The over-ruling of the M4 extension this week is a fine example. We need to find transport solutions that dont involve investment in more roads or the destruction of increasingly rare habitat.

As a farming nation regenerative agriculture can be the leading edge of our climate response. Here is Tim LaSalle talking on the essential role agriculture can play. This is the start of a big conversation. We will be picking up on this on June 20th at our next meeting and I think this si a subject that has an especially broad appeal. .

Short film on possibilities of holistic grazing
Theme for June 20th Meeting is agriculture and farming

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