Professor Chris Rhodes Lecture

This 90 minute lecture is excellent I recommend any of you to watch it, its a worthwhile investment of time. I know Chris, he did the PDC in Reading a few years ago, but more importantly he was the youngest person to reach Professor status in his field of physics. He knows his stuff and contributes to many journals on these subjects. He fully gets permaculture and found it fitted well with his world view and added new perspectives.

Annual Glaister Lecture 2016 at Braziers Park College.

He talks about energy, alternative fuel sources, soil and biodiversity. He moves on to summarize permaculture also. He references Chikukwa Zimbabwe, one of the case studies we looked on the PDC we did together. He also talks about the RISC roof garden as one of the most impressive thing he has ever seen. That gave me a warm glow. There are some good questions at the end especially on energy and what potentials we might have.

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