Poster & next meeting

Its seems logical to follow on from Llanfyllin show with an open meeting and to invite new members to find out what BRACE is all about. We can also encourage any past attendees to come along as well and build some momentum. News includes the beginnings of a big conversation with RSPB who are going to be doing a huge 10,000 hectare wetland project above Vyrnwy and they will be reaching out for volunteers.

BRACE could act as a major link between the community and this project to restore a huge area of blanket bog which over the decades has been drained, planted with Sitka spruce and drained areas have also started to regenerate. Turning this carbon source back into a carbon sink will be significant achievement and something we could align the group with and co-ordinate community involvement.

Poster for events etc.. you can down load the poster blank from the link below

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