BRACE horticulture

This week, from 10.00 am we are planting bulbs and moving wood chip in the Cae Bodfach field

Meet at the Llanfyllin Institute 03/12/19 10.00 am

Outline map of the garden so far, November 2019

We are meeting every Tuesday from 10.00 am. Its informal come along anytime, we usually finish by 1.00 am. There is a community lunch in the Cross Keys after that, great way to round off the morning

So far we have identified 6 main raised beds which will be for maim crops. We are developing these using a no dig method and are mulching the ground with cardboard and grass clippings, to create a soil enhancing carbon/ nitrogen mix. these are for verg growing and will be surrounded by herbs and pollinator friendly plants.

To improve access we have added two tors of steps, this prevents the garden becoming a mudslide and safer for carrying items up the garden. We are also building up paths with wood-chip to reinforce the surface

We have began leaf mould compost making, tis will be ideal for a potting mixture in the spring and main compost bins will be constructed and installed next. Not yet added to the map

Water harvesting, storage and use will of course we essential and we are lucky to have water from the roof of a neighbouring house, higher than the garden and two IBC tanks have been added to store water which will especially be used for the small poly-tunnel we will locate in the garden as well.

Wild flowers and diversity it is important to us the site looks fantastic, tidy, colourful and most importantly works for nature. we will be following an Integrated pest management approach, which involves creating habitat for predator species and to confuse any potential pests by presenting a riot of colour and diveristy

On going jobs include: moving wood-chip for the gate into Cae Bodfach field into the orchard area where we are storing it in piles. The more we move it the more we can accommodate more. Wood-chip is essential for both the orchard project, where it helps build a fungi rich soil suitable for trees and the Institute garden where we are using it for paths, mulch and more

Wants: We need a tool shed, we plan to buy sawn larch timber for raised beds. Plats like herbs will be useful and we intend to propagate soft fruits, herbs and shrubs fro use in other areas around the community.

More updates soon, we are meeting every week and trying to keep a record of progress as best we can

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