Horticulture project latest


We will formally reconvene at 10.00 am on Tuesday Feb 4th at the Institute.

Ongoing jobs over the Xmas period

Topics for discussion:
Compost plan
Set up systems for managing tools etc
Meet with PAVO for further funding advice

Moving wood chip from the gate by the housing association to the orchard area.
Adding to compost heaps (leaf mold is the woven one, also woody waste pile)

Llanfyllin permaculture garden map
Garden design as of Dec 17th

Garden design plan Dec 17th update

We have submitted a bid to the Community Garden Fund for tools, a shed, timber for raised beds etc. total value £3,800 we will need to raise £600 or more as a match, I suggest this will come form donated plants from us, in kind and a £1 donation each week from those participating.

here is the bid we submitted, we will be able to commence on this end of MArch assuming it is successful.

this is a Radnor Raised bed, made by Sector39
Example of the style of raised beds we are planning to install, made form Welsh larch

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