Agenda item for next meeting

Constitution: We hope the group is ready to agree on our constitution. This will help define the group, allow us to move forward and to apply for funding. The garden group met with PAVO officer George Stroud today who can advise us on how to develop our constitution as we evolve and to help us find support, funding etc to further our ambitions.

George has advised us that a good start would be to appoint a management committee of min 6 and max 12 people, which will be quorate with a minimum of 3 people in attendance at a meeting. This should allow for streamlined decision making whilst ensuring we have an active core team to allow us to move forward. He also suggested we encourage all others keen to be involved to become members and to hold a register of members.

It was suggested we should appoint the roles of chair, secretary and treasurer and perhaps a representative from each key project area, e.g. garden/ compost/ repair cafe/ etc. to enure good communications.

If we start with a simple yet clear structure then that will allow us to progress having built a foundation which can evolve in future as required.

We are not obliged to do any of this, but the garden team would like to propose this as a next step. it would be great if we can consider this at the coming meeting, perhaps as the opening agenda item as this will allow us to pursue an Awards for All lottery application, which again we were advised would be a good next step.

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