What next for BRACE?

BRACE has been active for one year already, what have we achieved?

———- this is still being compiled please to send in suggestions for anything omitted that needs to be included

  • Held two meetings each month at the Cross Keys community space over the last 1 year
  • Built an active group with over 60 different people attending during the year
  • Played an active role in the One School One Planet project
  • Shared information on climate crisis, community growing and more, launching a community website and contributing to local publications
  • Hosted talks from RENEW Wales, Pont Bren, Montgomery Wildlife Trust and others
  • Launched community compost initiative at the Llanfyllin allotments
  • Worked on a community a transport plan and hosted a talk on electric vehicles
  • Set up Oswestry and Borders Repair Cafe with members of Oswestry XR . 5 successful events so far with over 200 items through the door and an amazing team of volunteers.
  • Began the process of engaging with the farming community and considering strategies for regenerative farming.
  • Began Llanfyllin Horticulture project at the public institute, designing, fundraising and planting a community growing hub
  • Provided information stall at Llanfyllin Show
  • Contributed to the Llanfyllin Christmas fair
This certainly sets the context for BRACE

Every action we do at this moment in time matters. The natural world is under threat from every direction, development, farming, climate change, pollution be it chemical, noise, hormonal, electro-magnetic you name it, we are disrupting nature in every way possible. Our responses cannot just be about personally withdrawing from this destruction but stopping it, reversing the process whilst creating spaces for nature to survive, provide corridors for birds, insects and fungi to move around undisturbed, we all have a stake this in terms of our own survival too.

Have we saved the planet yet?

2020, our first meeting is a chance to review our goals, do we still need regular meetings? Should we be more structured, or perhaps spend more time in topic groups. How about recruiting more members, seeking funding, developing closer ties with Newtown and other cliaimte response groups? Much to think think about

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