A week of panic & uncertainty

We have known for years that our complex interconnected global community, with just in time delivery and lean stocking is vulnerable to significant disruption. As we continue to witness climate breakdown it has felt important for us to focus on developing a stronger local-food economy with more diversity and shorter supply lines. The Covid virus is a symptom of our imbalance with the natural world and as we continue to destroy the more remote and wilder areas remaining on the globe we come into contact with more unknown and unanticipated sources of disease. This is articulated very well below, its an excellent video. It is a crisis of disease which exposes a crisis of society that is framed by the crisis of the environment.

A health service needs to address ALL people, not just those who can afford it for it to be effective. We are reminded that especially in a crisis or challenge of this scale we are all in it together. Community responses are really important and at least we all need something positive to channel our energy and creativity into.

We will be continuing to cultivate the soil and using this as a way to build our community and extend what it has to offer to all of us. The area in front of the institute is planned for redevelopment into a garden, a softer much greener area. We will be in the institute from 12 – 4 on Sunday ready to ideas, functions, inputs and design ideas about how we can make this a more functional, welcoming space.

For now we remain open for business, if you can bring your own tools and gloves and make every effort to minimize the potential spread of the virus that is appreciated.

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