this is a very important lecture and an insight into the emerging new paradigm

So this is pre-covid and pre-2019 election, so it is dated in ways, but actually he makes the clear point, re: Covid, dont make predictions because know knows what is going to happen.

There is a much longer arking story that is important which has remained consisntant over 150 – 200 years of modern forms of capitalism. If you only look at half the picture then undoubtedly you come up with the wrong answer. The reason we can’t see beyond capitalism is that increasingly over the decades we have been told there no other system. The fall of the Soviet Union was supposed to represent the fall of socialsim, where as nothing could be further from the case. Western capitlism just lasted a few more decades than the soviet bloc, capitlism didnt win, it just outlasted its perceived opponent. That kind of thinking created a terminal short-term view that undermined the whole systtem. Vested interest has prevented capitalism from evolving, whereas socialism is a workshop of ideas that is constantly evolving.

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