TALK: A home grown solution to selling local produce?

Join us at BRACE for an online talk by Nick Weir of the Open Food Network on Wednesday, November 11th at 7.30pm. Zoom link

If you’re a farmer, grower, market stall holder, owner of one of our excellent town shops – this is for you.
If you eat – this is also for you.

As concerns grow nationally over possible food supply disruption this talk explores a new way to boost local shopping. The Gloucestershire-based not-for-profit Open Food Network offers communities an online shop front where individual growers and small shops can sell their stock. Attendees will hear from people running successful food hubs in other parts of the UK and see behind the scenes how the Open Food Network functions. The webinar will explore ways that food hubs can link up with existing local shops and create additional employment. Food hubs can be a great way to generate income for producers and stimulate additional sales for markets and independent shops. It’s a chance to boost our local economy, remove the barriers to local food production and make good quality food available for more people. We’d really like to bring everyone together to explore this idea. More on the Open Food Network:

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