Jan 23rd 2020 Meeting Notes

These are the items on the ‘mind-maps’ and the Calendar from the meeting on 23rd Jan. Please feel free to email info@brace.cymru if you want anything else added.

Every week – Community Horticultural Hub meets behind Llanfyllin Public Institute – 10am – 12.
Jan 4th – Repair Café – Oswestry
23rd – BRACE meeting
S39 – PDC – Llanrhaeadr
Feb 1st – – Repair Café – Llanfyllin
13th – BRACE meeting
14th – Love my planet with WI (make hearts for the planet from spare/unwanted materials) – also End Plastic Soup (?)
27th – BRACE meeting – talk by Lisa Barlow from Severn Rivers Group
S39 – PDC – Llanrhaeadr
Mar S39 – PDC – Llanrhaeadr
7th – Repair Café – Oswestry (plus XR Open Day)
7th – Young Offenders – community reparations plus training and experience
12th – BRACE meeting
14th – Institute – Kitchen Counter Culture with Annie Levy and Lisa Sture plus workshops for birdbox making and bench making, seed swaps and fundraising stuff
26th – BRACE meeting
28th – World Earth Day – Arts Connection are planning Spring Flower workshops and exhibitions
Apr 4th – Repair Café – Llanfyllin
9th – BRACE meeting
23rd – BRACE meeting
May 2nd – Repair Café – Oswestry
May Day events – Oswestry, Llanrhaeadr, Llanfyllin. Flower Painting Workshops (summer) + exhibitions
14th – BRACE meeting
28th – BRACE meeting
Jun 6th – Repair Café – Llanfyllin
11th – BRACE meeting
25th – BRACE meeting
Jul 4th – Repair Café – Oswestry
9th – BRACE meeting
23rd – BRACE meeting
Aug 1st – Repair Café – Llanfyllin
27th – BRACE meeting
Sep Workhouse Food festival
Autumn Flower exhibition and workshop
5th – Repair Café – Oswestry
10th – BRACE meeting
24th – BRACE meeting
Oct 3rd – Repair Café – Llanfyllin
8th – BRACE meeting
22nd – BRACE meeting
Nov 7th – Repair Café – Oswestry
12th – BRACE meeting
26th – BRACE meeting
Dec 5th – Repair Café – Llanfyllin
10th – BRACE meeting


Electric buses and charging bus stops (including  school buses)

Donkeys and carts – community cart exchange

School buses leaving engines running when parked

Sharing resources – car pools

Online car share scheme

Materials (stuff?) and Resources

Oswestry and Borders Repair Café (now being asked to support more initiatives)


Tools store


Poster making

Food waste

Local resources for household products – soapwort, conkers for washing clothes etc

Local seedbank – wildflowers, fruit and veg

Members of the community who have valuable know-how

Knowledge ( as a resource)


Lots of small differences can make a difference

Switching to green (renewable) energy providers (eg Ecotricity, Good Energy, ….)

Use fewer energy consuming gadgets/devices

Mini-grid local energy production

Grow your own food (energy in production, transport, storage, packaging)

Lobby politicians/councillors re: changing laws – eg new builds with energy creating devices, investing in manufacture and technology of green energy

Community schemes for heating numbers of homes for central source (District Heating)

Putting our own energy into more positive Green areas

Make our own energy

Car sharing

Educate people

Communication and Outreach

Lobby people in government to be honest about what we are facing and what we need to do

Summarise official (legal/policy) information so that it is clear what is legally required by councils and others in authority and what is just advise

Links with High School (Eco -club, 6th Form students esp those studying subjects that link with our projects and/or the wider issues of Climate Change.

Link with  villages around Llanfyllin

Links with other local groups and events

Land Use

Tree planting

Coppicing – traditional useages


Diversifying farming to include more plant based (veg, orchards etc)

Increasing biodiversity

Wind – windmills – Cretans (?)

Water – hydro


Community Horticulture Club – Public Institute Garden demonstration and training – reaching out to new people. Raised bed build event. Bed development – path and pond spoil, bark chip next door, builders sand, leaf mould, lasagne bed workshop.

Compost – leaf compost, chipping for mulch, dog poo compost, muck

Food resilience – local food, bulk buying (Suma), Down to Earth

Willow project (maybe under land use?) – loppers, school – land based students, Han?

Cooking and Nutrition – pickles and preserves, fermented foods

Cae Bodfach

Food events:      Work house food festival

                                May Day in Cae Bodfach (bird box, bench making, seed swap)

                                Apple pressing

                                Natural beekeeping


                                Foraging – wildfoods inc mushrooms

Food based links:              Treflach Farm

                                                Garth Garden

                                                Cultivate (Newtown)

                                                Tan y fron