meeting notes

29th AUG 2019

  • Suzanne Iuppa , our local co-ordinator for Renew Wales, explained how Renew Wales can support us in specific projects (most likely Community Food Growing in the first instance) and with funding buds for projects and Community Conversation Events (maybe at Xmas Market?). A simple (1 page A4) constitution needs to be written in readiness for any funding bids we might wish to make.
  • One School One Planet book launch will be Friday 11th Oct 3.30-5.30 then 6.30 – 9.00 in Llanrhaeadr Village Hall. Please can we invite anyone who would be interested in a free (as long as they live or work in Powys) copy of the book to the launch and as BRACE was born out of the project it would be great if we were there to support the event.
  • Llanfyllin Xmas market – the organising committee have asked us for ideas for Santa presents that are more sustainable than before (non-plastic?). £2 per child. About 150 needed.
  • Lorna has been in touch with farmers in the Pontbren Project and they would be happy to come and tell us more. Dates to be advised but Oct or Nov suggested.
  • a patch of land for the start of a community garden in Llanfyllin has been discussed with the Town Council, details should be confirmed in the next 2 weeks then a sub-team will need to get together to design the garden and make it a reality – really exciting to see this really gaining momentum.
  • Dolanog residents would also like to start community gardening, need access to some land – can the Llanfyllin group and/or Renew Wales support?
  • Treflach Farm have an Open weekend this weekend (30th Aug to 1st Sept) Day tickets available, a chance to see how Treflach Farm are working with nature plus workshops, talks, music etc
  • Food Fayre at Workhouse on 15th Sept – should BRACE have a presence?
  • Next meeting 12th Sept – speaker from Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust re: wildflower verges. Open to anyone so please encourage friends to attend

15th AUG 2019

Introductions were made to welcome new members and discussions in smaller groups- comments from this included:

  • use Sept Farmer Market to carry out a survey and ask people to make individual pledges with regard to climate change. Also make sure Repair Cafe posters are prominently displayed.
  • consider using online Carbon Footprint calculators to determine our individual footprints
  • Martin mentioned the Farming and Climate Change conference (held in July) and that there are films and presentations available on their website
  • Martin also mentioned a Farming Conference in Aberystwyth this November – will post a link when I can find one!
  • Consider visits to or inviting Land based/ Farming speakers eg, Pontbren, Llanwyddn Bog, Treflach Farm (who have an weekend event 29th – 31st Aug ) Young Farmers, Martin’s Farm, Peter Lewis.
  • Richard from Cain River Valley Group updated us on the work they are doing under the Sustainable Management Scheme and that extra volunteers are always welcome and will be needed to progress the project. Next meeting is in November – we will promote dates in due course.
  • Dee (Butty Bank, Llanfyllin) and Dragons (Llanrhaeadr) are stocking products where you can take your own containers for refill
  • Jackie and Alison to contact Powys Waste Officer to come and give a talk
  • Food and Compost Group – town planters should be done by Monday (weather permitting), raised bed materials sourced, hoping to attend next Allotment Committee meeting to discuss composting, planning a survey and planting schemes at either end of the town
  • Events – we survived (just!) our 1st Show. An ‘Event Box’ will be set up at Dragons so BRACE members can use it at any local events, so far it contains our bunting and Steve will add printouts that were displayed at Llanfyllin Show.
  • 20th Sept is start of Global Climate Strike week ( ) How should BRACE be part of this?
  • The One School One Planet project (from which BRACE was born) is coming to it’s end and as part of the project a book will be published. BRACE were asked if they would be part of the launch event for the book – probably mid October.
  • Future meetings will be 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month so it is easier to promote and for people to remember the dates. Months with a 5th Thursday can be decided on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Montgomery Wildlife Trust to come and give a presentation about wild flowers and verges – date since agreed to be 12th Sept
  • One evening have a screening of Symphony of the Soil
  • Next meeting 29th August