BRACE are not currently meeting in person but in the meantime we are holding regular on-line talks with a variety of guest speakers on relevant and current subjects. We are also exploring how we, as a community, can respond to the unfolding climate emergency around us. We are a democratic open group seeking to find ways to co-operate for all of our mutual benefit.

BRACE grew directly out of the One School One Planet project, looking at how to bring climate change action into the school curriculum. We always realised this would have to overlap and connect into the community and as a result we started holding regular meetings in a public meeting place. the Cross Keys on Llanfyllin high street. It used to be a popular pub but like many others it closed down some years ago. It is fondly remembered as a community space and more recently has opened as exactly that. No longer a pub but with coffee and cakes and a warm welcoming atmosphere it feels like an ideal place to hold such meetings

From the many discussions a range of projects have emerged but we are always looking for more ideas and, equally importantly, for people to come forward and make those ideas happen. Please check out the projects tab for our current conversations. If we experience adverse conditions due climate, political or economic events then our first level of resilience is having a strong inter connected community who are used to working together and understanding each others needs.

I am committed to BRACE and help found the group as an offshoot of my professional work on climate change and education. As an economics teacher who also studied ecology I have been aware of this impending crisis for my whole adult life. I have realised we have to be much more pro-active in our responses, time is running out and every action we can initiate will make a difference. BRACE is about creating a community conversation to find ways we can build resilience for the changes and challenges we know lie before us.

Steve Jones